Cuboree Recap

Posted on Sat, Oct 22, 2016:

A summary of the Cuboree, October 21-23


Folks, we had a great time at the Cuboree! Many thanks to all the new families who took it on faith that they would like Cubscouts enough to justify buying tents, sleeping bags, cookware... I salute ya'll, and I really hope you felt so welcome! I am delighted you joined.

Welcome to first-time Pack 404 Campers and their families:


Two scouts earned their Whittling Chip badge / Bear Claws achievement:

I​ would like to thank all the den leaders who planned achievement work for their dens. I would also like to thank all the parents for chippinng in and helping with chaos control and just plain old parenting - it was a good village effort. Special thanks to Ann and Garry Copeland for breakfast danishes this morning!!

We have a special "seasonal / temporary" badge for all scouts who attended, and we'll pass this out soon as possible.

Upcoming... stay tuned for these things:

In closing, please join me in a quiet prayer of thanks to God for new scouts (the life of the pack), new parents (the guarantee that this valuable experience will go on), and a truly beautiful weekend (the sounds of I-20 hardly distracted from our deep woods campsite).

Have a blessed week,

Patrick J. Herman

Cubmaster, Pack 404

PS: I would be remiss if I didn't remind all parents: there are 4 months 18 days until I retire from Cub Scouts. The next Cubmaster is reading this note, and just hasn't accepted it yet. :-)

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