Spring Fundraising - all families not able to participate in Popcorn Sales

Posted on Sat, Jan 7, 2017:

Please read re Camp Card funraiser



Pack 404 families,

To support the total cost of scouting ($235/year/scout) in pack 404, we need each family to participate in fundraising above the $85 fixed dues. This year's Popcorn fundraiser was very successful, but due to the timing of Join Scouting nights, a number of families joined the pack later and had little chance to participate.

We need all those families to participate in the Spring Camp Card fundraiser. Our records currently show the following families would need to participate in Spring fund raising:

Johnson Macias
Farrar Roberts
Copleand Schmulen

We would appreciate a family in this group volunteering to coordiante the camp card program this year. Please contact Patrick, John Gibson, or Mark Beaudoin

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