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Posted on Wed, Oct 12, 2016

Let me now if I missed you

Pack 404                
Rank Scout Adults Adult cell Adult Email Camping Friday Camping Saturday Sat Day Visit only Family notes
Arrow of Light PJ Judy Paul Judy 2145771380 Yes Yes   1 adult, 1 scout
Tiger Michael Petrasek Jan Petrasek, Petra Petraskova 4694080275 No No Day Visit 2 adults (Ian and Petra), 1 scout Michael, 1 sibling under 5 (Ana)
Tiger Zachary Couvillon Michael Couvillon 469-766-1146 Yes Yes   2 adults (Micahel and Carmella) and 2 siblings Ben (5) and Max 2 , 1 scout Zachary
Wolf Joel Farrar Dennis Holmgren 214-519-1628 No Yes   1 adult Dennis Holmgren and 1 scout Joel Farrar
Tiger William Reynolds Will Reynolds 972 322 5971 No Yes   1 adullt Will and 1 scout William
Tiger Rylan Roberts Charles Dorrier 5126632077 Yes No   1 adult Charles Dorrier and 1 Scout Rylan Roberts
Tiger Reese Mark 2146417741 MB42001@GMAIL.COM Yes Yes   1 adult, leader, Mark Beaudoin, 1 scout Reese Beaudoin
Bear Aiden Downum Brandon 972-977-8606 Yes Yes   1 adult, leader, 1 scout
Arrow of Light Zachary Downum Brandon 972-977-8606 Yes Yes   1 scout (parent is above)
Arrow of Light Brendan Herman Patrick 214-392-7260 Yes Yes   1 scout 1 parent, leader
Wolf Richard Fusco Russ Fusco 214-926-4238 russell.fusco@gmailcom Yes Yes   1 scout 1 parent, leader
Arrow of Light Jacob Morales Phil Morales 214-641-0455 Yes Yes   1 scout, 1 parent
Arrow of Light Andrew Rivera Luis Rivera 469-648-0149 Yes Yes   1 scout, 1 parent
Wolf Malachi Aporta Wendy Aporal 360-789-7380 Yes Yes   1 scout, 1 parent
Bear Ajavian Curry Tynitria McKenzie 469-203-3796 Yes Yes   2 adults (Tynitria McKenzie and Mr. Curry) 1 scout, 1 sibling Alijah
Bear Kameran Johnson Marketa Johnson 210-284-3900 TBD TBD TBD 1 adult Marketa Johnson, 1 scout
Wolf Matthew Copeland Ann and Gary     TBD TBD TBD 2 adults, 1 scout
Webelos Isarael Macias Thelma Lopez 214-909-2708 TBD TBD TBD 1 adult Thelma Lopez, 1 scout

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